this is not the prelude to a kiss. (ihatethiscity) wrote in gaurbanexplore,
this is not the prelude to a kiss.

well, tonight was quite the adventure. justin and i just got back from buford exploring an abandoned insane asylum. yes, its as scary as it sounds.

first off, i'd like to say tat gwinnett cops are the shit. just before going inside the place a cop pulled up and it seemed like we were gonna get busted for trespassing. much to our suprise, he was basically just curious as to why we were there and how we had heard about it. we talked for a few minutes with him about the history of the asylum and he told us some interesting things. apparently the police force used to preform S.W.A.T. team drills inside of it, which i thought was pretty neat. the police officer pretty much gave us the O.K. to go inside, so we proceeded.

getting into the place seemed to be quite the challenge at first. it is boarded up solid as a rock. we walked around it and found 2 places in the back where the boards were broken through. one lead to a basement-type room which was basically nothing but dirt and piping. nevertheless we still decided to go inside and see what was in it. we didn't find much, except on the wall on the far end of the room were what seemed to be little childrens hand prints and the name "joey" in red paint... atleast i hope it was red paint. unfortunately, i didn't get a picture of that because i'm stupid and forgot to take the camera at that point.

after that we went to te second place where we thought we could get in. it was a window leading to one of the patients rooms. we had to grab a cinderblock from inside the basement area to give us a boost inside. it was a little bit of work but we managed to get in.

now, what happened inside can only be described as scary. at first it didn't seem so bad, but i had this eerie feeling that i couldn't shake off since i got in there. we looked around for a minute and then justin heard something which he described to sound like footsteps down the hall. i didn't hear it at the time so i kind of shook it off as nothing. we went across the hallway into another patients room. not much was found except a little plastic container which had a label that read "soup" on it. there were also various things such as toilet paper and a bucket laying all around te floor. we took some pictures and decided to check out some more. all of the other rooms we searched didn't have much in them, but then again we didn't search through much before i myself started to hear what justin was talking about at first. at first it was a faint kind of bumping sound that i tried not to think much of. then i heard a loud BANG and what sounded like small footsteps with the swishing of what sounded like some sort of gown or long pants down the far end of the hallway. needless to say, we got the hell out of there after that.

we don't have many pictures of it since we didn't stay for too long, but we do have these 5...

the no trespassing sign which we ignored.

looking down the hallway of the hospital... sorry its so crooked. i wasn't worried too much about pictures then.

img src=>
an overview of what one of the rooms looked like.

some of the electrical stuff on the wall which i'm gussing was used to call nurses for help and whatnot.

picture of a toilet in one of the bathrooms which somebody has obviously gotten to before us.

we did take some pictures of the outside, but it was too dark to get a nice clear shot of it. sorry.

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