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this is not the prelude to a kiss.


i'm new to this community. my name is joal, i'm 17 years old, and i've just recently started getting interested in urban exploring.

recently i friend and i decided to explore hopewell school in alpharetta. we didn't find much, but it was still interesting all the same.

here are the pictures...


an outside view of the school

another outside view

on the way inside...

looking down the hallway.

a shot of the furnace.

one of the bathrooms.

people totally trashed the toilets inside.

the kitchen.

another shot of the kitchen with an uplifting message spraypainted on the tile.

toppled over desks inside one of the classrooms.

some burnt paper inside one of the classrooms.

random books on a shelf in one of the storage rooms.

a hole in the door with the word "balls" spraypainted on it. we saw a lot of the word balls.

unknown substance on the floor.

scattered papers inside the library.

i've never seen a turntable like that.

some of the graffiti inside of the main building:

the jury is still out on what was used to draw this pentagram.

"in loving memory ronie vanzant oct, 20 1977"

after we were done looking through the main building we walked outside to the gym which was a separate building. unfortunately it was locked from the inside with a chain and a pad lock. we didn't want to bother breaking in. we started to walk around back when we noticed a side room in the gym building. there wasn't too much inside it. just some broken dry wall and the main piping to the building. these pictures were taken:

the broken walls

the piping.

after we were done with that room we headed around backand noticed a staircase heading down to the cellar in the main building. the cellar also didn't have much inside of it except some old empty shelfs and the foundation of the building. here are the pictures of the cellar:

the stairs leading down.

the foundation and some piping.

after we were done looking through the cellar was decided to check out the yard. some of the jungle gym and playground still remained standing of course with weeds and also some trees beginning to grow around and inside them. i don't have any pictures of that though. i do, however, have a picture of the old rusted basketball goal outside in the field.

after all of that we decided to call it a day.

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