Joshua Ian (happyat2pm) wrote in gaurbanexplore,
Joshua Ian

little 5 points

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wow, i really like the last two. the lines are really awesome. that would look really good in b/w. also, how did you get the first 2 pics to come out so blue? they almost look like cyanotypes, though i know they're digital.

my photography prof would love you. she's into urban photography along the lines of what you do. she also likes prints of dead birds. we talked about this one print of a dead bird for over an hour once.
yeah the last two are by far my favorite. but i don't know if they would look as good in b/w cause i like the colors so much.

the blue i got by putting the camera setting on manual and adjusting the exposure.
it looks almost like tungsten film???

i like #24.
i don't know these films?

like what?

real nice pic w/ tungsten.